Surf shop clothing

In truth, surfing is not so much a complicated sport compared to some others that we have today. Instead, it is both fun and recreative. However, like other sports, there are essential equipment required for surfing, with one of the most important being your surf clothing. Without this, you are less likely have much success.

The importance of the right clothing

Despite these basic safety and enhancement gadgets, if you are not dressed right, there’s still going to be a problem. Your clothing should be the first thing under consideration, as it encompasses and enhances all other equipment. Above all its benefits, it helps you stay in cold water for a long time, depending on its thickness level.

As a surfer, clothing should be your first and most accessory to sort out, and as a store owner, never joke with your surf shop clothing. They should always be available because it sells.

The importance of the right clothing

Surf clothing is actually the general class for body kit accessories, therefore, there are several items under it that all come together to make the full kit. These are:

The wetsuit

This is an overall cloth that helps surfers stay in water for a long time. It is arguably the most important clothing accessory on this list because it keeps the body cool, considering the number of hours you may be spending in the water. Surfing wetsuits are of two types, which are the spring suit for spring (covers less of the body), and the full suit that covers the body more. Swimsuits also come in three layers of thickness, which are 2 mm, 3/2 mm and 4/3 mm.


Just like the name implies, the rash guard protects your skin against long wetsuit irritation and possible dangers of exposure to the sun. Essentially, you should wear them before your jumpsuit, so that they sit between, preventing the suit from making direct contact with your skin. However, you can also wear them as a stand-alone, along with a pair of shorts during the summer. It all depends on your skin type, and what the weather says.

Boots, gloves and Hoods

Although thoroughly underestimated, the boots, gloves and hoods are actually a very important part of your surf clothing. Their usefulness is more pronounced in the winter when temperatures drop extremely low. Surely, you wouldn’t want to wear a rashguard, wetsuit, and still lace your head, feet and hands with these items in the summer. However, in winter, it is impossible to surf without these accessories. Surfing gloves, boots and hoods are made of similar material to the swimsuit, which helps you protect your skin, and also keeps you warm at all times.


Board shorts are what you rock when you decide to simply wear a rash guard. The best makes are designed with a stitchless, stretchy and quick-drying fabric that keeps you comfortable and doesn’t get heavy when wet. Depending on the weather, you may need just a board short, and your surfboard.

Surf Poncho

This is somewhat a towel and robe at the same time that makes it comfortable for you to change in and out of your wetsuit. It comes with several designs and quality to choose from.

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